Top 3 Easter Getaways

March 10, 2017

Easter is getting closer and some of you may want to use that time to go away for a short time. Short Easter breaks are hugely popular. We wanted to compile a short list of places you could visit for cheap and last minute. So here are our Top 3 Easter getaways.

1. Paris, France

It is one of the easiest places to get to if you are travelling from London. You can travel either via train or plane, train is the fastest and gets you right in the centre of Paris. From as little as £30 you can travel to Paris via the Eurostar. So there are plenty of things to do and see whilst in Paris, you can see famous sites like Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and see the Mona Lisa painting at Louvre. So much food to eat to, why not head to a few patisseries and get some croissants and macarons. Of if you fancy heading Disneyland you can do so by still taking the Eurostar, there is a stop along the way where you can get off and visit the magical castle. Paris is great any time of year, but very pretty during the spring months when the cherry blossom is in full swing

2.Amsterdam, Netherlands

A fairly easy to get to country via London, no trains to Amsterdam but you get there from £100 if you fly there. Many thrilling places to visit whilst in Amsterdam, Anne Frank house, Van Gogh museum and why not take a photo at the IAMSTERDAM sign. Plenty to explore on foot, but it is recommended to rent a bicycle to see the town in its full glory. Enjoy some stroopwaffles, eat a dutch apple pie. It’s a delightful place to visit in the Easter months, providing the weather holds up. You can go for many walks and discover lots of things on your travels.

 3. Rome, Italy

Travel to Rome from London, and costs around £100 over to go there. Most popular sites to visit are the Colosseum in Rome, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City and many others. So much pizza to eat during the trip since your in Rome, why not eat the best food ever. It’s a great place to visit and you can walk around the towns on foot, and take the tram to a lot of places or the bus. Check for opening times with a lot of places and it is a great time to visit the place in Easter, it can get quite hot so feels like an early summer holiday.

We hope you enjoyed this post for some Easter trips, don’t forget to tag your holidays with #countdownplus on all social channels.