January Update 2018 📱

January 19, 2018

It’s a brand-new year and we felt like we should update you all on what is going on with the C+ app. Read on to find out more.

Android has been our major focus for the past couple of months, it has brought some roadblocks along the way. We have been trying to find solutions to some issues that have set us back in releasing an Android update. It is our goal to make sure that Android is up to speed with the iPhone app. Since many have mentioned that a few features have not been implemented yet to the Android app. We do apologise for the delay in any updates, as you may know, we are a small team and are trying our best to get an update out to you all.

An iPhone update is long overdue and we need to focus our attention on Android for now. It will be updated right after we get an Android update out. There are some minor issues with the app but nothing severe. So, we will keep you updated again very soon on what updates are coming out later on.

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