Updates for Android and iPhone November 📱

November 17, 2017

We wanted to take time to write an update blog post for all users on iPhone and on Android. Read along to find out what is being updated in the app right now.

For iPhone users, we have recently updated the app to work on Ios 11, the recent update covers the following. Support for iPhone X, updated to new Ios 11, Fixed countdowns scrolling issue where the display would jump to the top on refreshes, stability and other improvements. We have just released a brand-new update called 4.2.1 so look at the updates tab on the App Store. We have recently switched to a much better server for iPhone. This has been pushed forward sooner than expected which we hope will perform faster and have fewer issues in the future. If you, of course, come across any issues regarding the recent switch or update then let us know on Facebook and we will try our best, to help you with that issue.

In terms of Android updates, we will work on a brand-new build soon, nothing too drastic a few new features which we couldn’t add due to time constraints. We are hoping to get an update out maybe late November to early December. We have been busy updating iPhone so we will get back to Android very soon.

In the future do expect us to be updating the app around every 2 months, we don’t have any major changes now for the app, we will try our best to make sure the app is running smoothly.

If you want to stay informed on updates and progress of the app then the best place to follow us is on Facebook. If you do have questions about the app then message us on Facebook where we are happy to help you with any query regarding the app. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what events we are counting down to.