Countdown Info

January 26, 2018

This blog tutorial will show you all the information you can add to a new countdown and existing ones. This is for Ios only. Some features will be available on the full version only.

When adding a new custom event, you can fill in quite a lot of information. We wanted to show a step by step guide to what you can add. First up name your event, you can backspace the pre-existing text and fill in your own event title. Privacy, you can either choose to make the event public so everyone can see the event, or keep it private so only you can see the event.

Change the date of the event, and even the time of the event, if you would like to add an end date you can do so by taping the plus button and tap on the x button if you want to remove it. You can choose a time zone as well, so useful if you have an event in a different country. If you need to repeat the event you can, it can be never, every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, every month and every year.

You can choose the type of counting down to the event, this feature is only available in the full version of the app. Change the reminder, we recommend using auto since you get better notifications about the event.

Themes and Styling mean you can add images and all sorts to your countdown, check out the video on themes and styling. Also, you can choose a default sound for your event as well when it happens.

Details section is helpful if you want to add additional info to the event you have. Add a location to your event if you want to. If you have a link to the event you can add that. Add any notes you want to on the event. Then press done when you are all finished.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.