User Inspired Twitter Music Events 2018

June 15, 2018

It’s time for a user-inspired post and we have found quite a few music based events appearing on our Twitter timeline from our audience. Read on to find out who got featured this month.

If you are not familiar with our user inspired posts then here is a little catch up on what happens in these posts. We pick 2 amazing countdowns from Twitter or Instagram and give you a little more info on the countdown itself. If it is a countdown to say Ed Sheeran, we give you some news on him and if there are still some tickets left or if it’s a holiday some great tips on where to go and what to see and when to go.

First up is @avonchickmary who is off to see Harry Styles at the start of July. We are hoping if you are reading this you might have some understanding of who Harry Styles is. If not, then here is some insight into who he is. He started his singing career in the boy band One Direction, ever since the band came third in the show the band went on to have global success. For the past 2 years, he has been having tremendous success as solo artist. He went on tour from mid-September last year and his first show in San Francisco, performing his current hits “Sign of the Times” “Two Ghosts and many more new songs. We really love his new material and think he will do amazing as a solo artist. We haven’t heard new material since last year, and we are hoping for new music very soon. He is touring all over the world and has announced more dates on his live tour earlier this month, so if you missed the huge announcement of his tour then you might have a chance to see him.

Secondly is @meghancoyle_ who went to see Demi earlier this month. Demi Lovato is currently performing the first time in Europe on her Tell Me You Love Me Tour. Tell Me You Love Me is the name of her latest album released last year in July. You might have already heard one of her tracks from that album which is Sorry Not Sorry, a very up-tempo dance vibe track which is different from her older material. Lately, we have been seeing some images and footage of her on tour and it looks like an amazing tour. Recently she had to cancel her show in London at the O2 due to health issues. Many of the fans swooped in at her defence and wished her all the best. She has also had to cancel her Manchester gig as well. We wish her all the best on a vocal recovery. Recently she has been releasing more music and her latest song Fall In Line features Christina Aguilera. She performed it live with her on Billboard Music Awards and nailed it. We can’t wait to see more music from her in the near future.

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