Best Day out in London

May 13, 2016

So there is so much to do in London, and it is always best to stay in London for at least a week to really enjoy your time. If you are strapped with time, then you can cram a few things in one day so here is our top tips for a great day out in London.


There is nothing better then doing some touristy things in London, such as seeing Buckingham palace or going to Tower Bridge. So here we go, if you are staying in London then think about starting at a reasonable time lets say 09:00 till 10:00. We say start your day off by going to Buckingham Palace and walk along The Mall to get there, for a nice long stroll up to the Palace. Some great shots of the palace can be taken when you walk along Green Park. After you have taken a few selfies in front of the palace and a few pictures of the palace. You can take a stroll or a taxi to some early afternoon lunch. We may have mentioned this place before but book before you go, Sketch on Conduit Street is a great place to go. Quirky place for some afternoon tea but can be really lovely for a quick rest place. Then after you have an early afternoon tea then head towards Covent Garden, either get the bus or taxi but don’t bother with the tube as it is not recommended even by TFL. Explore the boutique shops in Covent Garden and you can find some great gems there. Go shopping if you wish and marvel at the Covent Garden market.


Next take a bus, taxi or walk if you wish to the London Eye for some great scenes of London, its up to you if you want to go on the London Eye, but be aware that it does take time to queue and can be some what on the pricey side. Spend some time walking along the river thames for a great view and make your way to the South Bank. You can see the famous skate park which is still open and see a few skaters and some amazing graffiti work as well. You can walk along the River Thames and head towards London Bridge it is a fair long walk but can be great to walk off the delicious afternoon tea you had. You will then me able to walk past HMS Belfast and experience the lovely sites of Tower Bridge. Why not cap off a lovely walk but visiting the Shard for some stunning views of London. Some great places to eat around London Bridge as well, so have a look around and find a place that suits you. Then that’s your day done in London, a spot of afternoon tea and plenty of pictures to treasure after a long day in London.


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