Best way to be organised for school (at home and at school)

February 19, 2016

So it’s Half Term here in the UK, and I am sure everyone is having a great rest, but you might have thought about how to stay on top of being organised for the the next term. So here our top tips on how to stay organised for school.


Our App

Using our app to stay organised is something we obviously highly recommend to you. You may have already been given key dates and put them in your school planner, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Why not set up some countdowns for the next few big assignments you have coming up and also any exams that you need to revise for. Then you could make a revision calendar and write down what subjects to revise for. It’s key to have something that can help you to stay on top of your work at school, it can help you to stay concentrated whilst revising, without the fear of thinking you forget to revise for something.


Goals each week

Why not start to set up some achievable goals each week, say you know you need to revise more of one subject then set yourself a target for how much you think you can revise. Don’t to be hard on yourself, you are only human and you can’t be to hard on yourself everyday. So take good amount of breaks in between each subject so that it isn’t a big confusion. You could go for a walk, or listen to some music in between each subject. If you make revising a lot more organised, again it makes it less of a messy experience.


Clean up your work space

No one wants to revise or do homework in a messy area, so clear off all loose bits on your table, tidy it up and remove anything you think will distract you. It’s half term or whenever you read this there is always time for a stationery shopping trip, go get some folder organisers or new pencil pots. Also sometimes your pencil case can be a sea of mess, with rubbish or broken pens. Give it a spring clean and make sure you only keep items you really need everyday at school. Here’s the fun bit about it as well, go shopping for new supplies, get a new pencil case if its broken, stock up you never know when you might need extra pens. Backpacks can be a sea of mess to, so why not organise them better. Stick in sheets that are hanging out of books. This way you help yourself and your teachers by being neat in your notebooks. If you need a folder for a subject then grab one, you can jazz up your school bag with plenty of colour. Maybe aim to tidy your room or work bag and pencil every week, so you always stay on top of your game, and don’t waste your time searching for work you need to do.


Those are just some of our handy tips on staying organised at school, let us know how you stay organised for work on Facebook or Twitter.