Best way to plan a Birthday

January 22, 2016

Planning a major birthday can seem rather daunting but if you get organised and have a plan in hand then it’s a doodle. We wanted to share our tips on planning a great Birthday.

Let’s start at the very beginning, we are talking months ahead before the actual birthday.  You might have a certain theme for your birthday or your friend’s birthday in mind. You just might not be totally sure how to style the birthday or you may need that extra help on inspiration. That’s when then internet comes in handy. Two places that are good for inspiration for birthday parties is Pinterest and Blogs. Pinterest makes it easy because if you just enter “Birthday Parties” you get all sorts of suggestions and results. From here you could start a birthday party board and collect all your favourite options from Pinterest or from a blog. Blogs are a great way to get ideas about parties, just looking on blog sites and searching for “birthday parties” might get you a huge list of blog posts written about the topic. You could pin a few ideas from the blog posts so you begin to fill the Pinterest board with plenty of ideas.


So now you have some inspiration sorted and have an idea of how it will look, lets talk about getting prepared. Nothing is worse when you have all the amazing ideas for a party, but end up running out of time. We suggest starting a birthday countdown on our app, you can be specific with time and personalise the countdown. Once you know how many days you have left until a birthday, you can start to set up a to do list. Think realistically how long it will take to do everything, its good to be prepared. Why not also plan ahead and set up a calendar with dates you want to complete tasks?


After all the planning and organisation, the big day will arrive and you can enjoy your special day or your friend’s special day. Why not use the Birthday countdown option, keep track of a birthday and get reminded every year? Never forget important birthdays ever again!