Booking Travel Tips

April 8, 2016

Last month we talked about our tips on travelling, so before you even get on that plane, train or get in the car. Here are our best booking travel tips.


So hopefully by now you have made your mind up on where you want to go on your holiday. Don’t forget to book your flights first, and then sort out your hotel. Wisely choose the time you want to travel, if you go during school holidays, summer and spring expect prices to be high. If you travel outside of those time brackets you will have a higher chance of getting a cheaper flight. A booking pro tip, is if you book on a Tuesday or Wednesday you will most likely get a decent price. If you book an international flight, then do book up to 6-4 months before your trip. Best ways to book hotels are looking on websites which help you to find the cheapest price for that hotel. Its better then having millions of websites open for booking a room. If you are travelling alone or with a group of mates, consider booking a room in a hostel, you will get a cheaper price.



Every holiday should start off smoothly, and you should enjoy it. So when you choose where to go and what to do, then its best to keep organised. So you aren’t missing flights or connections and missing out on all the fun on your holiday. Once you have booked your holiday, start a countdown on the app and make sure to use a picture of your booking confirmation. You may just thank yourself at the airport, when you have a picture of it on your phone. So its easier then searching for your passport and boarding pass, since we all carry our phones closer to us. Set alarms on your phone so you know when you should get up, leave the house and what time really you should be at the airport. However, you travel to the airport, allow time for delays.

Last thing to mention is be aware of any loyalty cards you may have that give you a discount on hotels or flights. Check your airline loyalty cards, they can give you discounts off flights. You could save so much money and you could spend that on things to do on your holiday.

Let us know if these tips saved your next holiday. What is your essential booking tip let us know on Facebook and Twitter.