Christmas Message

December 16, 2016

So, today’s post is a quick update on what is to come for the new year, and a little thank you to you our customers. We also wanted to share some of our favourite Christmas countdowns as well.

We have a lot planned for next year and are excited to be sharing those things with you soon. As a lot of you have asked about our Android app, we are working on it and will have something out in the early weeks of January. So, do follow all our social channels to be told when we do update the app.

We have a few features we will be releasing for iPhone and expect to see a different type of content on our social media channels. 2017 is going to be a big year for video on social media so we want to be part of that. If you have any suggestions on what you would like us to be posting more about then let us know on social media and the comments section below.

Also, we love user suggestions for our features so do tell us what you would like to see on the app, we have had some great suggestions so far.

If you are enjoying the app so far then don’t forget to review us on the App Store, it helps us out a lot. When you do share your festive countdowns don’t forget to share them by using the #countdownplus on all social media channels. That is it for this year, have a lovely holiday and see you all in the New Year.