Community Feature: Jacqueline Harrington

March 30, 2020

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. We know that you love the original power rangers and are a huge fan of 90’s bands. What else would you like for our readers to know about you? 

Yes, I'm a huge Boyzone fan! I also love Mighty Morphine, Power Rangers and Dean Cain. When I’m not watching shows or listening to music, I love walking, playing games or reading. I also enjoy watching Japspeed and try to watch them live during the British Drift Championship.

Jacqueline Harrington with Boyzlife at a meet and greet

We saw that you were recently counting down to a Boyzlife concert, can you share your experience with us? We would love to hear what it was like counting down to the concert as well as what it was like when it finally arrived. 

I recently saw Boyzlife Portsmouth Guildhall. I was grateful to have VIP tickets and loved every minute of my experience.

When I have events booked months in advance, I love the notifications I receive from Countdown+. These notifications remind me to make sure everything is sorted for my trip including transportation and hotel accommodations.

What is your favorite Boyzlife song and why? 

My favourite Boyzlife songs are "All That I Need" and "You Needed Me."

Is there a person in the world with whom you would love to have breakfast or lunch with, and why? 

Oh! That’s a hard question. There are a few people that I would love spend time with including Brian Conley, Shane Lynch of Boyzone, Danny John Jules from Red Dwarf, and my school friend Kathryn Parker for a giggle, catch and nonsense. I have already met Brian Conley a few times, but I would enjoy getting to know him more if the opportunity presented itself.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

Twitter: @jax_jp_lynch

Instagram: @lynchsuperfanjax 

Facebook: @jax japspeed lynch

Thank you so much for sharing! We look forward to seeing your countdowns!