Countdown Types Tutorial

June 24, 2016

Another video tutorial turned into a blog post. This tutorial will help show you the event countdown options we have. It works both for Android and iOS devices.

So you want to tap on Menu and then you tap on Countdown Event, this works for your iPhone. For Android it’s the three squares then New countdown. There are four options of event countdowns, Custom event, birthday, exact age and time since. Custom event countdowns is great if you want to add a personal event in your life from a holiday to a concert. Birthday countdown is helpful to keep track of your birthday every year or your friends. Exact Age countdown, tells you how old you are to the exact second. Time Since countdown lets you know how long since a big milestone.

Custom events are easy to add, place your title above and fill out all the time and date info, and don’t forget to add an image.

If you want to countdown to your birthday or a friends birthday then simply change the name to the specific person, the text is editable. Add in their birthdate and add an image of your friend.

Exact Age is similar to the birthday countdown fill in the info about your birthday and add an image of yourself and then you have a countdown to specific to your age.

Time Since helps if you want to countdown since a major milestone, fill in the title, add the dates and then add an image and you can see how many days since an event.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original here.