Uni Organisation

May 27, 2016

So we have done a how to stay organised for work post and Best way to stay organised for school (at home and school). This time we know exam season is here, and some of you will be doing some exams at uni. We want to help you get organised for your uni exams.

Keeping on top of your Exams

Something you know by now if you are a regular reader to our blog posts is that we are big on keeping you organised by using our app. So many of you guys on Twitter, are doing that already and its sad and yeah its not so great to look at but it keeps you in check for your exams. So get your countdownplus app open and enter all your major deadlines and exams to the app. Keep it plain and simple or just try and make it exciting with images that we offer through our image backgrounds pack.


Keep your work space tidy

If you are at UNI and have your own room or share your room/dorm, maybe think of having a tidy up of your desk or working area. Put things away from you that you know will only just distract you. If you need to file some papers away that are key to your revision and haven’t got anything then this is your chance to go and splurge on some much needed stationery. Get a new pencil case and keep the items you only need for revision also stock up on pens you never know when you might loose one. Make your revision space a place where you know you can get the most work done. If you revise in the library make sure you bring everything you need with you, and before starting make sure you are not causing chaos with too much mess.


Plan out

Another pro tip, is don’t over work yourself and create a revision timetable. Over working yourself and doing too much won’t help you to revise for your exams. You can add it to your journal or your smartphone calendar. Don’t forget to take some breaks in between and relax in the evening and try not to over work your brain. Revision will seem less daunting if you plan it all out. If it helps whilst revising to write notes down, this is also a great chance to go out and buy everything you need to revise.

Whether you have finished with exams for now or are revising and need some motivation we hope this helps you out. Let us know if it helped you on Twitter and Facebook.