Winter Getaways

September 9, 2016

Summer is well and truly over and we are looking forward to the winter months and cannot wait till Winter season. What a perfect time of the year to be thinking about finding a winter getaway trip, so here are just a few of our suggestions for a winter getaway.

New York is a really popular choice for the winter time since it is one of the best cities if you want to experience a truly American Christmas. Ice rinks appear around the city; the whole city transforms into a winter wonderland. Ice skating is a must in the city centre of New York, you can go to quite a few in New York. The Rink at Rockefeller Center is a good place to go, obviously, it is a busy season so expect to wait a bit in the cold. Why not warm up in the queue with a nice cup of coffee, or roasted chestnuts which can be found in many street carts. Something which is common in most countries across the world is a good holiday market. Why not get a few Christmas stocking fillers and handmade ornaments to take home. Most markets are open from early October or early November. If you are looking for something fun to watch whilst in New York then why not goes for the Thanksgiving Parade, something featured in many American TV shows and American Movies. It is something not to be missed. New York is simply amazing in Winter, and we hope that gave you a little window into what it could be like during the winter season.

If you’re not looking for a city break during the winter time, then we suggest a skiing holiday. So if all you want to do is gather your mates and go skiing down the slopes then Chamonix is great, ski holidays always work the best if you want to go as a big group. Book chateaux and then you get a cheaper price for your holiday. If you aren’t avid Skiers and it is your first time, then Chamonix is pretty good for that, since its level of difficulty is very low. Not much else to it really, enjoy the stay and head to a couple of bars in the area and have a wonderful trip.

If you are looking for an authentic winter trip, then maybe Berlin is a good option. Authentic Christmas markets and plenty of warm food, it is a great place to go for a short trip in the winter holidays. Christmas Markets are a big thing in Berlin, eat some hot dogs and warm up with a nice mulled wine. Alexanderplatz in Berlin is a must, they have a huge market, made up of small wooden huts during the festive season. Plenty of craft stands and food stands to have a look at. One thing that will bring you in is the Christmas pyramid in the middle, with lots of lights and a great place to take a bunch of photos. You may want to go for a skate in the city centre at the Berliner Weihnachtszeit. It is at the centre of the Christmas market and you can enjoy free admission but you only have to pay to rent out the skates so that’s not a bad deal. Another great place if you want to find a great town for the winter months.

So that is it for this post, let us know where you are heading off to this year with the #countdownplus.