May Update

May 4, 2018

Over the last month, we have been working hard on getting new releases out both for Android and iOS. Please read on to find out what to expect very soon.

First up on the agenda is iOS one main issue we have seen from a lot of users is the multiple push notification the day of an event. (pictured below) We have fixed this issue for the next release due very soon. Many users over time have expressed their feelings about the image cropping screen. This has been revamped to fit with the similar style of how images are cropped within the camera roll. If you are an iPad user then you will be delighted to know that we have re-enabled image cropping on iPad. One last feature to point out is that on the lite version on iOS you can now choose dates further than 1000 days ahead and behind can now be added. Check out your updates tab on the App Store.

Android will be updated after iOS comes out. We have a few plans to update the app. There are like with most updates a few bugs that do need fixing. One bug which is to do with some lagging that has been occurring in the app. Some bug to do with the fact that images just don’t seem to be sticking. For us, those are the two main focuses for the next update.

If you are experiencing any issues or come across anything wrong in the app please message us on Facebook. Check back in this time next month for another update. Here is last months one.