April Update

April 6, 2018

We are aiming to update on the progress of the app now once a month, we feel it’s better if we update more frequently. If you want to find out what we are working on this month and beyond, please keep reading.

March was a busy month for us trying to solve the App Icon Countdown feature. As of now we do have a replacement feature which is a silent notification which is sent at midnight every night. This shows you how many days till an event and is called the Daily Count Notifications. You can see how the notification works in the image below.

A lot of users want a Today Widget and we understand that this is a big request and has been for several years now. We do want to create a Today Widget but it’s not something we can create in a short space of time. This feature is on our list of things to do for the app.

We understand a lot of you are very upset that the feature has gone but we have seen a surge in poor reviews within the App Store. As noted before in a statement released online we didn’t have any control over this feature being taken away. We would really appreciate it if you directed your anger about this to Apple via email or Twitter. Unfortunately leaving 1-star reviews does not help us at all, as it lowers our ranking within the App Store.

Android was held back since we had to deal with the removal of the App Icon Countdown feature for iPhone. We have recently sent out a new update for Android, we are expecting to release another update very soon. This will likely help to fix any minor issues.

In terms of general issues, we currently are aware that our servers went down last week. We did manage to get things back up and running for everyone. If you are experiencing any issues or come across anything wrong in the app please message us on Facebook.