Current Updates for Android and iPhone

September 22, 2017

If you have been following us recently on Facebook, you may have noticed a few more updates on the progress of Android and iPhone. We just wanted to catch you all up on what we are currently working on this month and next month.

As mentioned in the last update posted on our blog post, we have released a new version for Android which is Version 4.0. Since release, we have faced several issues but managed to solve quite a lot very fast. Right now, we are trying to solve issues with the settings tab, crashes in the app, issues with video ads and a few other minor issues. We have been delayed in sorting out these issues in the app due to unforeseen circumstances with our team. If you notice any other issues in the app, then don’t hesitate to message us on Facebook and we will try our best, to help you with that issue.

Work has started on the iPhone version of the app already, but due to the issues on Android, we have been yet again set back because of this. We are aiming to switch the servers as well since they have caused a lot of problems in recent months on both versions of the app. This won’t take effect until we are 100% satisfied it is stable enough for release. Meaning it might not happen until the end of the year.

If you want to stay informed on updates and progress of the app then the best place to follow us is on Facebook. We are aiming to post more information on updates to our Facebook from now on. If you do have questions about the app then message us on Facebook where we are happy to help you with any query regarding the app. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what events we are counting down to. If you are on Android then you might want to follow us on all social channels to see the new tutorial videos we are posting every Wednesday.