How to stay organised for work

March 18, 2016

So a few weeks ago we did a post on Best way to stay organised for school (at home and school), and it only seems fitting to do one for those who work and feel they need a little inspiration on how to stay organised for work.


Our App

There are many ways to stay organised for work, so here are our few tips on how to do that. Why not use our app to organise work a bit more efficiently and maybe for everyone in the office? If you have a busy schedule and know you need reminders on those meetings, and who it is for or with then add those meetings into the app. It makes everyone’s life a lot easier and you become a lot more organised. Also if you have a few colleague’s birthdays or work events, then add those into the app as well, could you help so you don’t forget to get them a present.


Make To Do Lists

Everyday is different with new jobs and tasks to complete. If you find yourself super confused and aren’t able to accomplish goals efficiently start a to do list everyday just when you get in. That way you can finish tasks accordingly to the deadlines, bonus it makes your boss happy knowing that you are being efficient. You can buy notepads that have a to do list format or find an app that lets you do that easily.


Cleaning your work space

This can help in so many ways, instead of working under a pile of papers you can start to file them away. Get proactive buy some folders or file dividers and get things looking more organised, plus you can brighten up your desk with colour. It will help you concentrate better, instead of seeing a sea of things you want to organise. Treat this a time to go out and get some new supplies, no one wants to have a pencil pot full of pens which don’t actually work. Also if you find yourself confused about what day of the month it is, why not get a table calendar it can help you stay super organised. We always need a notebook for new projects and meetings, get a few stock up and also add some flair with colour as well.


Laptop tidy

Nothing is worse when someone asks you for that file from the project you did two weeks ago. Where is that file currently, its on your desktop with fifty other files taking up space? If you want to get the job done quicker and actually work better, then start to organise your files into folders. Start a big folder for a particular project and make subfolders to be more efficient. You can add any unwanted files into the trash can and you make actually realise how much more space you have generated. If you do have a lot of files which you don’t need at all, invest in an external hard drive or online data storage space. You make your laptop run a lot faster. We recommend doing this after every major project you have because it helps to stay on top at work.


We think with these tips might just help with staying organised at work. The important thing now to stay on top of these tips. Let us know how you stay organised at work on Facebook and Twitter.