How to stay organized.

December 11, 2015

2015 is soon coming to an end and what better resolution could there be than to get more organized! We have some brilliant tips for you to get organized and concentrate on making sure you make the most out the new year.

Tidy space Tidy mind.

The cleaner the space is around you the less cluttered your thoughts will be, those books that sit on your bookshelf that were a Christmas present and you have no intention of reading? In the box for the charity shop or re-gift it to a friend (Just not the same one that gave it to that may be a little awkward).

If it isn’t useful or beautiful why do you have it? The same goes for those shoes you never wear and that t-shirt that never fitted – there are many charities that need clothes around this time of year or you could take all the little bits you no longer want a local car boot/ garage sale and make a little extra money!

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Do you ever have a big tidy up and then a week later your bedroom is scattered with various items once again? You need to find a place for everything! Wicker storage baskets and fashionable little wooden crates can be used to create new storage for all those miscellaneous objects around your room. A little bowl can be the new resting place for your keys and anything else you need when you’re about to rush out of the door. Little bits of storage not only make your room neat and fashionable it also means you’ll spend less time searching through packed bedside draws trying to find what you’re looking for.

Schedule your life.

It’s no secret that writing a list makes us more productive, they help us to feel less overwhelmed and more sure that we won’t forget to do anything important. Lists are great but paper lists can be lost and tend to only have the things that you need to do that day, if you only write lists day by day it can be easy to forget things that are coming up or get around to things when it’s too late. Countdown apps such as Countdown Plus can be used to count down the days to various events and things that you need to do. If you have a friends birthday coming up you can use the smart reminder feature and get notifications more frequently as the event approaches. You’ll never lose it because it’s on your phone and you’ll never forget your plans because it’ll give you a reminder.

Keep a diary.

TeaOnce everything is scheduled into your phone and you are fully prepared for every event that you attend, start keeping a diary documenting what you’ve been doing each day and what your plans are for the following days, you’ll end up making sure you get things done just so your diary has a better narrative. Regular writing can be very relaxing and allow you to rant about the stresses of your daily life, it can also serve as a reminder of mistakes you’ve made, accomplishments you’re proud of, and great moments you want to remember. Take some time out to read over your old pages to see how much you have grown and learned from your experiences, you’ll be surprised at how much your life will change over time.  Tip: If you live with others keep your diary in a safe place such as under your mattress.


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