Movie to Watch in 2016

April 15, 2016

So the rest of year sees plenty of amazing movies set to hit cinema screens. We wanted to share with you, which films we reckon you should go and watch in cinemas this year.

2016-04-12 11.57.01

Captain America: Civil War, comes out 6th May 2016. The whole Avengers team come together, but this time it’s a fight against Captain America and Iron Man. Captain America wants to defend humanity without the government interfering, but Iron Man wants to accept the government supporting and overseeing the Avengers fight for good. Marvels films are always packed with action, and if you have seen the first Avengers films, it makes the story line seem a lot easier to follow, if you haven’t seen them all it isn’t too hard to follow along. Also if your new to Marvel films, check out for Stan Lee, he makes a sneaky appearance on all Marvel films. So if that does not entice you then check out the trailer. Are you #TeamIronMan or #TeamCap? Let us know on Twitter.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2) comes out 3rd June 2016. The Ninja Turtles are back to save the city from threat, but this time in the present day. This a big step up from the previous version of the movie, yes it’s the same group of bad ass Ninja Turtles who love pizza and want to kick some butt but they are back and the graphics in this movie are amazing. Remember the first movie, no real special effects or anything but it was the 90s so what do you expect. It currently has 95% want to see rating on Rotten Tomatoes so that has to be something. Catch the trailer here, and why mot make up your own mind on if it looks like a movie worth watching.

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Finding Dory comes out 17th June 2016, and if you have seen Finding Nemo then I’m sure you will want to catch this movie. This time its Dory’s turn to look for her parents and she wants to meet them. With the help of Nemo and his dad they go off to find her parents. With some obstacles on the way but its got plenty of great moments just like any other Pixar movie. So don’t forget to just keep swimming, and never give up. We can’t wait to see this movie, Finding Nemo was a great film and we sure think this one will be great. You guys on Facebook seemed rather excited for the movie. Watch the trailer here.

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Star Trek Beyond comes out 22nd July, the crew along with Kirk are stranded on a remote planet with no communication access. Kirk along with the crew have to come together and find a way to get back to Earth, it doesn’t come easy. Its been several years since the last Star Trek movie, Into Darkness. This should be a great movie if you have loved the previous Star Trek movies. Same all star cast just a new mission. Its still a while until it comes out but check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

So those are our movies to watch this year, it’s a small pick but so many great films are set for release this year, which movie are you excited about? Check out our YouTube video on Movie releases to.