Travel Essentials

March 25, 2016

If you are a frequent traveller or just a casual traveller, then you might have at some point thought you forgot something on your travels, or just needed some help on what to do. Then here are our tips on what to pack and how to essentially pack like a pro.

One thing is to get your dates of travel in order, do you have a schedule sorted? If not work out the time it takes to get to the airport and leave enough room for delays. Why not use our app, to set up an event that will go off when you need to leave the house or when the flight actually is? It can help you stay more organised on the day of travel.

So that’s the tricky bit done, now let’s move onto what exactly you need for travelling. If your trip is for leisure, you will probably pack more casual wear as apposed to a business trip. Make a list of things you want to pack; it helps to make sure you don’t over or under pack. When it comes to toiletries, if you don’t travel for a long time then maybe opt to buying smaller versions of your regular products. There is no need to take a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner when you aren’t going to use it all, plus this gives you extra room. Leave enough room, if you want to buy extra items whilst you are abroad, nothing more embarrassing then coming home with an over weight suitcase. I know it seems time consuming but take time in folding and packing your suitcase, if you pack tightly you allow for more room then if you just throw in some clothes into your suitcase.

Now that you have the suitcase sorted, lets move onto the carry on. Whether it’s a long flight with in flight entertainment or a bunch of short flights with connections in between, nothing is more disappointing then being bored. If you own a tablet bring one and make sure to load it with plenty of movies or TV shows to catch up on. Or bring a good book, you can get stuck into for a long time. Sometimes snacks on planes aren’t always the best and bringing your own snacks especially for long haul flights can be very convenient. If you hate the harsh lighting and find sleeping in economy painful then grab a travel kit the comes with a neck pillow and eye mask. Will help you relax and sleep a little longer, plus its helpful if you have a lay over that lasts a while. If you are stopping over in different countries then don’t forget your extra money, you can exchange at the airport, sometimes the rates can be better elsewhere. Take a few toiletries with you, tissues, lip balm (great for long haul flights) and hand sanitizer. Last of all don’t forget all your charges for your smart phones and tablets, make sure you have the right adaptor to.


We hope our travel essentials tips helped you become a lot more organised. Below is a packing list you can adapt and change to your needs. What are your travel essentials let us know on Facebook and Twitter.