Universal Studios in 2017

March 3, 2017

So a couple of weeks ago we wrote a blog post about what to expect at Disneyland in 2017, so we wanted to do a similar post but for Universal Studios. So listed below are a few things to expect some point this year at the park.

Universal’s Volcano Bay

Which gets its grand opening on the 25th May. It’s a brand-new water theme park that comes to Universal Studios. With a great mixture of fun and relaxation, it should be a hit with all ages and families. Lots of thrilling water-based rides to and with the unique idea of using your Tapu Tapu wear that means no more waiting in line to get the most thrill seeking rides. There are water slide rides which you can ride in with more than one person, great if you head to the park with friends. There is a huge list of rides available must the most striking ones are from the volcano itself. You have the Karakatau Aqua Coaster which lets you experience the power of the volcano, as mentioned you ride with four people. If you feel like plunging into the water then you might like the Ko’okiri Body Plunge, it’s a tradition that honours the volcano god. If you like the sound of it then you will have to experience a 70-degree fall through a drop door and don’t forget the 125 feet of your potential fall. So there is something for everyone at this new water park.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster

This was an already existing ride to the park but it got a brand-new unveiling recently. So they added a few new extra surprises to the ride. As soon as you enter the ride you get told about being subjected to high levels of gamma radiation and be taken through a process called a Hulk-a-fication. Queuing for the ride is totally different which ties in with the story that you hear about before you enter the ride. The ride chairs are totally different to and for a more immersive experience they have new music that you hear whilst on the ride.

And that’s about it with the whole park, not a lot of new rides to experience at the park it seems but stay tuned on their website for more info. If you are counting down to a trip to Universal Orlando don’t forget to use the #countdownplus on social me