Update on Version 4.0

July 8, 2016

So we released a teaser trailer on Twitter and Facebook the other day and some of you are probably glad that we have been working on an update. We just wanted to fill you guys in on what’s going on.


Firstly, anything that was crashing has all been fixed, the posting to Facebook has been fixed, the app crashing so much has been fixed, adding Facebook events has been fixed to. This update is for the App Store so all of you with iOS devices are covered, we will be working on delivering the same new features for the android store as well. A lot of you guys have made great suggestions for what features you wanted over private messages on Facebook. We will be asking you lovely lot to tell us what it is about the new update you are loving and hating. Your opinion means an awful lot to us, and we always take ideas on board and discuss those options.


The reason it has taken so long is that we are adding new features for this update so that’s why its been months. We want to give you a brand spanking new app full of amazing features. We can’t really go into it too much and you will be hearing a ton about it all on our social channels in the next week or so. We are putting the finishing touches to the update Version 4.0 so follow us everywhere. Links for where to follow us are on the above bar.