User Inspired Events for 2017

October 21, 2016

It has been a while since we did a user inspired post so we wanted to write a new post with User Inspired events for 2017. Since 2016 is drawing a close very soon, only 3 months to go!

First up is from Instagram user @caitlindoylex who is going to see Russell Howard in 2017. He is doing a worldwide tour for 6 months, which is set to be his biggest tour yet, which is fitting because his tour is called, Round The World. Also if you are thinking of attending then he has added extra dates for his tour, for most of his UK venues. If you have no idea who is then here is a quick description, he is an English comedian from Bristol and you might know him best for his show Russell Howard’s Good News which was on BBC Three. He currently has a show running on Comedy Central called Russell Howard & Mum: USA Road Trip, which is set to be hilarious, he tours the USA with his mum. They set off around the USA in a minivan together, they experience everything together on this journey. This show is a great chance for you to see the lovely bond between him and his mum, as he has mentioned his mum on several occasions with his stand up. It is set to be a right barrel of laughs great to watch this year ahead of his tour next year.


Secondly is a post from Instagram from user @chiarasalter_ who is seeing Drake next year in the UK. Yes if you either wasn’t checking the trending topics last week on Twitter, then you may have missed out on the big news that Drake is finally coming to the UK next year. If you are interested then tickets went on sale as of last week, and there are plenty of tickets still available so get them before you have to sit right at the back of the arena. He has also added plenty more tickets to the tour as well. If you do go, hopefully, he does have some guest appearances from some artists on his tracks, so far he has managed to get Rihanna who is his rumoured lover to sing with him on stage. He is apparently quite the performer and throws in a few songs from other artists and signs them himself. If we were going then we would love to see him perform, his big smash hit Hotline Bling, his latest single Controlla which we cannot stop listening to here at the office. No news on who his support act might be, whoever it is should be great.


Let us know on Twitter who you are seeing next year in 2017 because we would love to know, use #countdownplus when letting us know.