Weekend Getaways

August 12, 2016

When the weather is dull and you find yourself with wanderlust, then it might be a good time book a weekend getaway. So here are a few ideas for Holiday getaways for the weekend.

Before you start booking anywhere for the weekend, get some idea of when its best to go on holiday. Pick a time of the year when it’s not going to be school holidays so you get the best holiday for your money. Once you have dates in mind then it is time to check the internet for rates and maybe best to book the hotel and flight together. Might want to add the dates into your countdown app and get you excited for the holiday, also why not use the image pack backgrounds.

Paris at any time of the year is a beautiful place to go, full of culture and beautiful architecture. Why not stop at some the most beautiful and well-known monuments of Paris. Eiffel Towel is beautiful day or night, why not climb it as well for some stunning views of Paris. Paris is really great if you want to head to some museums, why not check out Musee du Louvre which holds the Mona Lisa, or head to the Musee de I’Orangerie which has many pieces from the world-renowned Monet. If you fancy exploring the city its sometimes best to just wander the streets. Then maybe head towards the Luxembourg Gardens, which are a big recommendation on lots of tourist sites. Paris, has some of the finest restaurants dotted around the city. Why not try some truly authentic French cuisine, we think that whilst your Paris try at least restaurant that is slightly out of your price range? It’s always fun to dress up and go somewhere fancy. You can pack so much in a weekend whilst in Paris if you want to get from London to Paris then choose the Eurostar for relatively cheap tickets.

Bruges is a lovely place to go for a quick trip, you can pack a lot in even if you’re heading there for a day trip. Bruges is popular for chocolate so you will find many small chocolatier shops. It is worth getting a few boxes to take home with you. The town is small and rather easy to navigate so you will find everything in walking distance. There a few cathedrals in the town, so why not go inside them, the town is beautiful anyways so if you are on a time constraint then just take some pictures and take in the city. A lot of restaurants do get busy but some of the best can be found in the centre of the town. The town has a river running through it and there are plenty of bridges to cross that have stunning scenery. It is really easy to get here by car, can be done cheaply as well. So why not get the Euro Tunnel from the UK to Bruge.

There are many more places to visit in the world but these are the two we have personally been to, so that’s why we are recommending them. Let us know where you are going to by using the #Countdownplus on Twitter and Instagram.