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Top 3 Best Places to go for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and now could be the best time to book a last-minute deal. So we wanted to show off a few places you could go to for a Christmas getaway. Berlin, a popular choice for many holidaymakers around the festive season, year on year. There are plenty of Christmas markets […]Read full article

Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas is right around the corner and we have seen a few countdowns already of you all going to Disneyland! So just like the Universal Studios Orlando we wanted to share with you some ideas on what to do this Christmas time at the park. First up is food, and there are plenty of delights […]Read full article

Event Codes

We are back again for another blog post tutorial. This blog tutorial will help you understand event codes in Version 4.0. This blog tutorial is for iOS only. Much like the following your friend’s events feature. You can now follow specific countdowns from your friends or family. First of all, make sure the countdown you […]Read full article

Christmas at Universal Studios

Christmas is just around the corner and we wanted to share with you the best advice we could find on the internet about having a great time at Universal Studios over the Christmas period. At Universal Studios there are a lot of Christmas based events happening in the park. First up, a must see at […]Read full article

User inspired Christmas destinations

Christmas time is just around the corner and we are seeing a lot of your countdowns for the winter season right now. We love your countdowns so much and for this user inspired post it’s all about Christmas time. First up is from Instagram user @amber_scullion who is going to France next month. Risoul is […]Read full article

How to throw a Thanksgiving party

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, now that Halloween is out of the way. We wanted to compile a blog post with a few hints and tips on what to do this Thanksgiving, we got you covered from food to games. So let’s get started. Well of course if you need to get organised with your Thanksgiving […]Read full article

Countdown Types Version 4.0

This tutorial will help you understand new countdown types on Version 4.0 of the app. This is for ios only. With Version 4.0 we have a whole new bunch of countdown types since we know a lot of you countdown to different types of events. With Custom Event you can fully customise your countdown event. […]Read full article

User Inspired Events for 2017

It has been a while since we did a user inspired post so we wanted to write a new post with User Inspired events for 2017. Since 2016 is drawing a close very soon, only 3 months to go! First up is from Instagram user @caitlindoylex who is going to see Russell Howard in 2017. […]Read full article

How to throw an awesome Halloween Party

Halloween is swiftly approaching and I am sure you will either be hosting or going to Halloween themed parties. So we wanted to share with you, our ideas on how to throw an awesome Halloween party. First up, you need to organise things. So why not use the app to load in what parties you […]Read full article

Halloween at Disneyland

So Halloween is fast approaching and for some that may mean going to Disneyland for Halloween. They do put on quite a show for Halloween so we are offering some advice on what to do at Halloween. First up on the agenda is attractions around Halloween season. A big hit during the Halloween season is […]Read full article

Following and Followers

This blog tutorial will help to explain the following and followers page of Version 4.0. This tutorial applies to iOS users only. In Version 4.0 we added a social aspect to the app. You can follow your friend’s events and also choose which ones you want to add to your timeline. When you look at […]Read full article

Halloween Spots in London

Halloween is fast approaching and it is getting us excited. We can’t wait to go out to a few Halloween themed parties and visit some spooky houses. Here are our top spots to visit in London. London has many exciting events around Halloween, and there are a few things you can do. If you are […]Read full article

Ways to Organise Your Life

As you may know, we know a thing or two about being organised, after all, we are a countdown app. So we wanted to share our best ways to get organised for your life. Firstly we have to mention it because it’s our app, is use the app for your social life or work life. […]Read full article

Winter Getaways

Summer is well and truly over and we are looking forward to the winter months and cannot wait till Winter season. What a perfect time of the year to be thinking about finding a winter getaway trip, so here are just a few of our suggestions for a winter getaway. New York is a really […]Read full article

Back to school must haves

School is close approaching for some of you or some of you might already have gone back to school. Which is kind of crappy but, there is nothing like a good must have the blog post? We wanted to share our back to school must-haves with you. A new term and you will be inundated […]Read full article

Image Pack Backgrounds

This video to blog tutorial will help you understand a little bit more about the image packs we offer in Version 4.0 for ios. For Version 4.0 we decided to add extra image packs, 10 packs to be specific. Extra Backgrounds which are backgrounds from Version 3.0. Celebration Time perfect if you need a picture […]Read full article

How to throw an awesome BBQ

The summer is still around and whilst the sun is still shining why not turn the BBQ on and gather together with some friends. We have a few ideas on how to throw a great BBQ. Best thing to get started is to find a middle ground with your friends, pinpoint one day. Then someone […]Read full article

Weekend Getaways

When the weather is dull and you find yourself with wanderlust, then it might be a good time book a weekend getaway. So here are a few ideas for Holiday getaways for the weekend. Before you start booking anywhere for the weekend, get some idea of when its best to go on holiday. Pick a […]Read full article

5 Things To Do On a Rainy Day

So here in the UK the weather is not just the same as it was last week. It’s basically miserable and raining here, so what better than to have a blog post to give you some inspiration on 5 things to do on a rainy day. Baking something with friends could be a really good […]Read full article

Restore Prior Purchases Version 4.0

We are now sticking to a schedule for video tutorials to blog posts, expect to see them at the end of every month. Also from now on you will see all the Version 4.0 tutorials on this blog as well. This blog tutorial will help you to restore prior purchases on Version 4.0 of the […]Read full article

User Inspired Holidays Take 2

The last time we did a user based blog post a few of you really enjoyed it so we are back again, and we are going to do another holiday post. New York is a great place to go in America and a popular destination. A lovely user by the name of @somermariex is going […]Read full article

How to have the best day at Universal Studios in Orlando

After the huge success of our Disneyland post, we had to an identical blog post for Universal Studios in Orlando. So here are some tips we found on the internet about how to have the best day out at Universal. We will follow the same structure as that post so split it into three sections […]Read full article

Update on Version 4.0

So we released a teaser trailer on Twitter and Facebook the other day and some of you are probably glad that we have been working on an update. We just wanted to fill you guys in on what’s going on.   Firstly, anything that was crashing has all been fixed, the posting to Facebook has […]Read full article

How to throw an awesome baby shower

So throwing an awesome baby shower can be a tad confusing where do you start? We have a few tips for you on how to throw a great baby shower. First of all, before anything, decide a good time that suits the expectant friend. Decide whether you want to just hold a small get to […]Read full article

Countdown Types Tutorial

Another video tutorial turned into a blog post. This tutorial will help show you the event countdown options we have. It works both for Android and iOS devices. So you want to tap on Menu and then you tap on Countdown Event, this works for your iPhone. For Android it’s the three squares then New […]Read full article