WWE Extreme Rules

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( Booker T Kevin Patrick Kayla Braxton JBL Peter Rosenberg Sonya Deville To Kickoff Extreme Rules The New Day Brawling With Bobby Lashley And AJ Styles And Omos While Sarah Schreiber Interview AJ Styles And Omos At Backstage Liv Morgan Vs Carmella Sarah Schreiber Interview Paul Heyman At Backstage ) The New Day Vs AJ Styles And Omos And Bobby Lashley In A Six Man Tag Team Match The Street Profits Vs The Usos WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Alexa Bliss Vs Charlotte Flair WWE Raw Women’s Championship Kayla Braxton Interview Paul Heyman At Backstage Jeff Hardy Vs Sheamus Vs Damian Preist In A Triple Threat Match WWE United States Championship The EST OF WWE Bianca Belair Vs The Man Becky Lynch WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Roman Reigns With Paul Heyman Vs The Demon Finn Balor WWE Universal Championship
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