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( Jerry The King Lawler Host ) Kevin Host OF Red Carpet JBL Diana Georgia Davey Boy Smith Jr Inducted Davey Boy Smith The British Bulldog Jushin Thunder Liger William Shanter Ray Stevens Brickhouse Brown Baron Dr Death Steve Williams Michele Leone Gary Hart The Bella Twins Titus O’Neil Warrior Award ( Sean Wiltman Kevin Nash Scott Hall Hulk Hogan The NWO ) The Class OF Hall OF Fame 2020 ) ( Corey Graves And Kayla Braxton Host ) Alyssa Ashton Host OF Red Carpet Rob Van Dam Molly Holly The Great Khali Ozzy Osbourne Dick The Bruiser Pez Whatley Ethel Johnson Buzz Sawyer Paul Boesech Eric Bischoff Rich Hering Ultimate Warrior Award Kane The Class OF Hall OF Fame 2021
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